Tennis Guidelines (Revised 2020)

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Tennis Guidelines (Revised 2020)

  1. An adult member is defined as one who will have reached the age of 18 years by December 31st of the current calendar year.
  2. A child of a member not living at home shall be treated for sign-up purposes as a member.
  3. A teen is defined as one who will reach the age of 12 years, but not reach the age of 18 years, by December 31st of the current calendar year.
  4. A working person is one who works on the average of at least 35 hours per week during the Club season.
  5. The non-played list is a list of any member who was unable to reserve a court for the morning sign-up. They get preference for any open court or for afternoon sign-up.
  6. The played list is a list of any member who played on a reserved court during the morning sign-up. They will have the opportunity to reserve an afternoon court at 12:45PM, once the non-played list becomes exhausted.

    Court Sign-Up

  7. For non-online courts, players shall sign a priority list weekdays between the hours of 7 AM and 9:45 AM and on weekends between the hours of 6:30 AM and 8:45 AM. A member is permitted to sign only his/her name. This priority list will determine the order of sign-up at 8:45 AM (Weekends) and 9:45 AM (Weekdays).
  8. Online tennis court sign-up will be conducted as described below.
  9. The member (or any member in his/her game) who signs the priority list or anyplayer in that group must appear at the reservation desk at the prescribed sign-in time to choose a court and hour (or hour and a half) of play. If any member of that group is not present when his/her name is called, that person will be passed over on the priority list.
  10. Play during reserved time is in 1 or 1.5 hour increments beginning on the hour or half hour.
  11. All players must check-in, in person, at the reservation desk to claim their court 15 minutes prior to their scheduled play time. If they do so, the court is theirs for that time. If the original signers do not appear to claim their court, the court time will be forfeited and declared OPEN.
  12. A court shall be set aside on Fridays only, from 2PM to 5PM for first-time players, to consist of working people. All players must be working people.
  13. A non-played list will be established and shall consist of those members desiring to play and who were unable to reserve a court.
  1. Any courts that are not claimed 15 minutes before the scheduled playing time are considered open courts and become available to the players on the non-played list. After the non-played list has been exhausted, the court shall be considered and open court. On an open court, four players are entitled to play for at least 30 minute intervals. When an open court is declared, during the first 30 minutes, preference is to be given to players who have not played the previous hour. A group which has just completed playing the previous hour may not bump any other group during the first 30 minutes. All groups must sign-in on the sign-up board on a first-come first-served basis.
  2. Any player signing up to play and/or playing during morning hours cannot reserve or play on another court until after the afternoon sign-up, which is at 12:45 PM. Players can never have a reservation for more than one block at a time, or be playing on a scheduled court and have a later reservation. No one may sign up for back-to-back blocks.
  3. On weekends and holidays, there will be an afternoon lottery (if necessary) for court sign-up. The lottery is only for those players who played on a morning scheduled court or in a morning tournament game and put their names on the played list. The lottery will take place immediately after the players on the non- played list have selected their afternoon courts at 12:45 PM.
  4. Members who have court reservations may not “move-up” to an earlier court if it becomes available unless the non-played list becomes exhausted.
  5. When a court is declared open by the Club Director, Assistant Director, or Tennis Pro because of a violation of the Club or tennis court rules, those persons playing on the court must immediately leave the court, and each of those players will be charged for the hour of play.
  6. Singles play is not permitted during free time, or on weekends or holidays. Free Time
  7. All hours before 10AM during the week, and before 9AM on weekends, are designated as free time. During free time, players shall play a 4-game set (not to exceed a score of 4 – 3) and rotate with those waiting in order of appearance (names shall be listed on the designated sign-up board.)
  8. Singles play is not permitted if at least two other players are waiting.
  9. On weekends and holidays, only adult members, as defined above, shall bepermitted to play during free time.

Pre/Post Season Rules

  1. All players must be present and sign in on the sign-up board on a first-come, first- served basis for each court. Playing time is limited to 1 hour for doubles and 1⁄2 hour for singles.
  2. At least two Club members must be on the court for doubles and one for singles.
  3. If members are waiting for a court, guests cannot play before 1PM on weekends.
  4. Children 16 and over can take a court unattended by an adult. Children youngerthan 16 need at least one adult member present.

    Age Requirements

  5. Except as herein permitted, only adults and teen members shall be permitted to reserve courts. On weekend and holidays, teens are limited to one hour of play per day, beginning at 2PM. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week, except holidays, all age requirements shall be waived for the hours of 12PM to 2PM


  6. A member may reserve a court with a guest. It is required that the guest be present at the sign-uptime and ALL guest fees be paid prior to sign-up. The guest’s name must be provided at the sign-up time and he/she must register 15 minutes prior to reservation time for the reservation to be honored. A guest may not sign up for a court without a member present. If a member reserves a court with a guest, he/she cannot play on a scheduled court earlier the same day.
  7. On weekends and holidays, guests are permitted to play tennis subject to the following: guest fees must be pre-paid; play time starts no earlier than 1PM; the member playing with his/her guest is limited to 1 hour of scheduled play that day.
  8. On weekends and holidays, Extended Family members are to be considered guests for tennis purposes only (see rule #27 above.)
  9. Guests and Extended Family members can take lessons only after all guest fees are paid. This will count as 1 of the 10 (or 4) permitted seasonal visits that are permitted.

    League and Tournament Play

  10. Courts may be utilized for league and/or tournament play as required. Time played in leagues, tournaments, or Club team home matches are recognized as an hour of play. Anyone scheduled to play in an evening league or home match cannot reserve a court at 5PM or 6PM.
  1. All adult tournaments are limited to bond holders and/or renters, unless otherwise specified.

    Advance Reservations

  2. On weekdays, except holidays, three courts shall be set aside beginning at 5PM for working persons only, though league, tournament, or match pay has priority. These courts can be reserved by telephone. Players must appear 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time or forfeit the court. Non-working persons will not be permitted to sign for these courts unless the courts are not reserved 15 minutes prior to play.

    General Rules

  3. Summer tennis rules apply commencing on all weekends beginning with Memorial Day weekend and continuing until the official closing of the Club. However, play on weekdays until the official closing of the Club shall be governed by preseason and postseason rules.
  4. On any day, reserved time, free time, league pay, singles play or tournaments may be restricted or limited in accordance with the availability at the discretion of the Club Director, Assistant Director or Tennis Pro.
  5. Appropriate tennis shoes and attire must be worn on all courts. If not, the Club Director, Assistant Director or Tennis Pro may remove the offending player or players from the court. Shirts must be worn at all times.
  6. Participation in all Club tennis clinics is limited to members and renters.
  7. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, in the event of any dispute, the finalinterpretation of any tennis rule is left to the sole discretion of the following persons, in this priority order:  Club Director Assistant Director Club President Club Vice-President Club Secretary, Club Treasurer, Member or the Board of Directors.


41. Any member who has not fully paid their dues may not participate in any tennis leagues or tournaments.

Online Sign-Up Rules

  1. All seven courts will be available on Saturday and Sunday mornings (and select holidays) for online reservations.
  2. Time slots of 9-10:30 AM and 10:30-12:00 PM are available.
  3. The link to each day’s reservations will be found on our website:
  4. Saturday morning online reservations can be made online starting at 8am on the Friday before. Saturday morning online reservations will close at 8am on Saturday morning.
  5. Sunday morning online reservations can be made online starting at 8am on the Saturday before. Sunday morning online reservations will close at 8am on Sunday morning
  6. All 4 players must be listed individually
  7. No players may play in BOTH the 9am and the 10:30 AM time slot on either day (you can only play once per morning on the reserved courts)
  8. The spirit of online sign-up is to allow members who are unable to arrive at theclub early on the day of playing to get a fair chance at reserving a court. Any intentional manipulation of the scheduling process may result in inability to reserve courts in the future.


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