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Guest Guidelines

When can guests visit the club?

Guests are permitted to visit the club on any day that the club is open during the season, excluding certain holidays.

The season runs from Memorial Day weekend through the second or third weekend in September. The club is open weekends only from Memorial Day weekend through the end of the school season when the club will officially open full time. After Labor Day, the club will resume the weekend only schedule.

What is the procedure for bringing a guest?

Any member that has invited a guest must sign them in with the office, either at the time of the guest’s arrival or beforehand. Under no circumstances will a guest be allowed to enter the premises unless they are signed in and paid for, with money or guest passes. Be sure to sign in all guests, whether they are entitled to a free visit or there is a fee associated with the visit.

What are the daily fees for guests to visit the club?

Guest fees must be settled at the time of the guest’s visit, using cash, check, credit or guest passes. The fee schedule for the upcoming season is as follows:

During designated holidays, guest fees will be increased for all guests, family or otherwise. With the exception of extended family, no guests will be permitted on July 4th or Labor Day Weekend.

Guest Fees 2019

Adults Adults Children Children (Linear Family) (Linear Family)




































Holiday Rates – $30 (Adult) and $20 (Child)

These rates will be in effect on the following dates:
Memorial Day Weekend (May 25th through May 27th), Thursday, July 4th and Labor Day Weekend (August 31st through September 2nd). As always, extended family will be entitled to half off the guest fee.

GUEST CARD – $20 ($24 Value)



Adults are defined as being of age 18 and older.
Children are defined as being of age 17 and younger.
Any child guest under the age of two is allowed free admittance.

Extended family members are entitled to half off the guest fee (*see below) on any given day. An extended family member only includes relatives in a linear relationship to the bondholder. For example, grandparents and grandchildren are considered extended family but uncles and cousins are not.

*Note – However, the fee shall never be less than eight dollars.

Any member can bring a mother’s helper/nanny for an unlimited number of visits. They can pay the regular daily guest fee or they may pay $150 for the whole season.

Significant others can be given a temporary membership to the club. The fee is $150 and requires a request, in writing, to the board. Significant others must be approved by the board.

Is there a daily limit to the number of guests that a member may bring?

There is a daily limit to the number of guests allowed. Any member/renter is entitled to either a maximum of five (5) children or three (3) families on any given day. The director has sole discretion with regard to guest limits and special considerations.

Unique Circumstances and Special Activities

The following activities are unique and require special guest fees:

• FreeMondays–OnselectMondays,guestswillbefreeofcharge.Please check the calendar for applicable days. Holidays, special events, etc. do not apply. These free visits still count towards the maximum number of visits (see below.)

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  • Basketball(SundayMorning)–$10.00Ifaguestcomestotheclubon Sunday morning to play in the basketball pick-up games, and does not intend to stay for the remainder of the day, he must be signed in by one of the members and shall pay $10.00.
  • Weekend Evenings – If a guest comes to the club after 4PM on a Saturday or Sunday evening, the guest fee will be at a reduced price ($10.00 for adults and $8.00 for children). Guests will be limited to two weekend evening visits, in addition to the regular guest limits.
  • Lunch Visits – Guests are permitted to visit the club during the week (weekdays only), for a time period not to exceed one hour, with the sole purpose of eating lunch or dinner. They are not permitted to utilize any of the facilities (i.e. pool, tennis courts, arts & crafts, etc.) at the risk of forfeiting their free visit. This does not apply to weekends and holidays. Members will be charged for all guest visits on all weekends or holidays.

    How many times can a guest visit the club?

    Guests are entitled to a limited number of visits. Extended family members will be entitled to ten (10) total visits during the season. Guests that are not extended family members are only entitled to four (4) total visits during the season.

    The office staff keeps accurate records tallying the total number of visits and once the maximum number of visits has been reached that guest will not be permitted any more visits for the season.

    Paid events that your guest attends (i.e. Member-Guest days, Canasta and Mah Jongg tournaments, basketball activities, barbecues, etc.) do not count toward a guest visit. (Specific events are subject to change in policy with notification).

    Splash Parties (held on Tuesday and occasionally on Thursday) count towards a separate record of Splash party visits which will be a maximum of four (4) for all guests, including extended family.

    Free Mondays will count towards a regular visit. 4

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What if a member owes money for guest fees?

If guest fees are past due, that member will not be permitted to bring guests until all fees are settled.

What if the weather does not cooperate?

Members are entitled to a refund of guest fees if the visit time did not exceed one hour from the time of entry.

Guest Tennis Guidelines

Piquet Lane welcomes the guests of our members to the club and encourages guests enjoy our facilities.

  • A member may reserve a court with a guest. It is required that the guest is present at the sign-up time, and guest fees must be paid prior to sign-up. The guest’s name must be provided at sign-up time and he/she must register fifteen minutes prior to reservation time for the reservation to be honored. A guest may not sign up for a court without a member.
  • On weekends and holidays guests are permitted to play tennis subject to the following: guest fees must be pre-paid; play time starts no earlier than 1PM; the member playing tennis with his/her guest is limited to 1-hour of scheduled play, rather than the typical 2- hours.
  • Betweenthehoursof1:00PMand3:00PMonweekends,onlytwo (2) courts will be available for guest play during each hour, and these courts must be one-hour courts (not 1.5 hours) only. The guest must be indicated on the sign-in board, and once two courts with a guest player are signed in, no guest may play on a third court during that hour. However, the court must be reserved by two members.



  • Guestsandextendedfamilymemberscantakeatennislessononly after guest fees are paid. This will count as one of the four or ten permitted seasonal visits.
  • Guests are not permitted to play in any tennis tournaments or leagues, other that the annual member-guest day tournaments, which will count as one of the four or ten permitted seasonal visits.

    Guest Parking Procedures

• Guests are encouraged to travel, via carpool, to the club with the member. In the event that a guest will be driving separately, one of the two parking passes issued to the member at the beginning of the season must be placed in the guest’s vehicle or left in the office for the guest to pick up.

Guest Etiquette

  • There is a maximum of two chairs (lounges) per family. If guests are invited, they are included within this two-chair limit.
  • Guestsarerequiredtoadheretoallclubandpoolsafetyandhealth regulations. Failure to comply may result in ejection from the club and all future permitted visits will be revoked.
  • Guests are a reflection on the members that bring them. Please encourage them to act appropriately at all times. Members can and will be held responsible for the guests that they bring to the club.

    Special Circumstances

    • ThePiquetLaneBoardofDirectorsisopentomanyrequests.Ifa special request or need arises, it must be made in writing to the



Board of Directors. Any requests can be left in the office for the Board to review.

The “26 Year Old” Rule

  • AccordingtothebylawsofPiquetLaneSwimandTennisClub, member’s children that are under the age of 26 (by May 31st) and are unmarried, have full privileges of the Club.
  • Becauseofthechangingenvironmentof“older”childrenbeingat home, the following guest policy is now in effect.
  • Member’s children who are between 26 and 35 years old will be permitted an unlimited number of guest visits to Piquet Lane.
  • Forthefirst10visits,therewillbenocosttothemember.
  • Anyvisitafterthefirst10willincuraguestfee,whichwillbehalfof

    the typical guest fee ($10, instead of $20, for example).

  • All members’ children who are 26-35 years old must be signed in, at all times.
  • Onceamember’schildismarried,aguestfeewillapply,regardless of age.
  • Ifamember’schildisengaged,thechild’sfiancĂ©willbechargedthe full guest fee until the two are married.

    All guidelines stated above are subject to change upon the discretion of the management and Board of Directors.

    Management reserves the right to make special need decisions on a case-by-case basis.

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